All items will be shipped FedEx ground with insurance. Because I am a small company, I do not ship every single day. The costs would be prohibitive for me, driving into the city to ship one $25 item. This is one of the ways I can keep costs down for you, the buyer. I normally ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. I will ship 2 day or overnight if a person really needs something quickly, however be aware this is very expensive. Orders will be processed AFTER payment is made. I have had to many problems with making orders ahead of time and then the customer backs out in the end. This is one of the few ways I can keep the cost down for you the honest buyer.
Shipping costs will be automatically calculated based on weight of the item. Items ordered in multiples or quantity will be cheaper for shipping due to this reason.  Five tent stakes can be shipped to you, cheaper then 5 seperate stakes one at a time. I accept Paypal   or certified check or money order.

PLEASE NOTE: there are shipping surcharges over 70 lbs of weight. I have attempted to honestly factor these into shipping costs. If you are ordering multiple quantities and see a very high shipping cost, please write to me and I will do a manual calculation of shipping cost's for you. If you have a very large order and it weighs more then 200 lbs my automated system may also not calculate proper shipping. Once again, please write to me and I will give you an exact shipping price from the FedEx website. I rarely have such large orders, but I do want you to know of these issues on high weights.
When placing an order my catalog will show you a PAYMENT webpage with your billing total. At the bottom of the page is a button labeled Continue to PayPal Clicking on this button will than take you to the Paypal website. At Paypal you will have to log in to your account and then complete the transaction to actually send money to TheReenactorsBlacksmith for the order.
    I am always open to suggestions. If you have an idea or item you would like produced, please let me know and I will create the product for you. I suggest a photograph or good drawing with rough measurements if possible. There will be a 50% down payment fee for any special orders. This is to ensure the customer really does want the product. Being a small business I cannot afford to buy special order metal without some payment before hand.

Please write to me if you have any questions.